Bring comfortable warmth to your home or business.

No more waiting, natural gas provides instant heat.

Beautiful home with gas fireplace. Stop worrying about the chill of Richmond winters if your home or business is heated with an electric heat-pump. Natural gas provides instant heat which warms more quickly, more evenly and more efficiently than electricity.  The air supplied into rooms is about 120°F at the register which is as much as 30° warmer than air circulated by an electric heat pump.

You’ll enjoy similar comfort with gas powered hot water tanks – whether traditional tank-style or tankless.  With natural gas, you’ll get hot water twice as fast as electric powered hot water heaters.

Natural gas is perfect for any kitchen environment, whether you’re a family of four rushing to get a healthy dinner on the table or a couple that wants to spend more time entertaining or a restaurant serving thousands of families. Professional chefs swear by the immediate, even heat, intricate heat controls and faster cook times.  Today’s natural gas appliances are sleek and energy-efficient. It’s the economical choice to save both time and money in the kitchen, allowing you more time with family and friends.

And don’t worry about power outages, winter storms or hurricanes any more.  Natural gas appliances allow you to stay warm, cook, and bathe without interruption from mother nature or the electric grid.  Adding a natural gas stand-by generator gives you peace of mind in knowing the lights stay on when the power’s out. You’ll be comfortable and safe, and your business will be operating, even when storms are raging outside.