Natural gas is a sure fit for business.  Using natural gas for heat, equipment or power enhances any business’s bottom line by reducing your operating costs.  The cost of natural gas has never been more affordable, the performance and efficiency of natural gas is unsurpassed and it reduces your business’s carbon footprint.  Its reliability and efficiency is unsurpassed among other fuel choices.  Simply put using natural gas is the smart choice for any business.

Nationally, natural gas serves more than 66.7 million homes; 5.4 million businesses like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets; and 192,000 factories.  Richmonders have been relying on natural gas since 1851 and reliance on natural gas ensures a cleaner, healthier environment for our future generations.

Comfortable, Affordable, Efficient and Environmentally-friendly

Find out how you can profit from the many benefits of natural gas for your business.